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Nerdy married girl who likes to game and read. This blog is whatever is going through my head at the moment. Have fun with it. I'm an avid potterhead, a LOTR fan, and a fanatical Disney nerd! <3
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i failed at raising a tamagotchi how the fuck am i supposed to raise a child

This is exactly how I feel right now -____-

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There’s something to be said about teasing a person, till they lose control. But there’s also something to be said, for teasing someone for the fun of it, and then there’s also teasing because you want someone to tease you that much. I didn’t think sex could get any better, and he proves me wrong. I love it. My hands are shaking as I write this. Still.shaking. He amazes me. For how he carefully watches my reactions, teases me more and watches. He watches my eyes roll back in my head and my breaths shorten and he smiles a bit before doing something different just to hear me moan. He is amazing. I can’t help but open my eyes a bit as he tortures me. Just to watch him watch me. Our eyes will meet as I tell him, “yes, please! Oh God. Harder! YES!” And he’ll lean down to kiss me as he brings me so close but won’t let me topple over the edge. Not yet. No, he’ll tease me some more. With his hands, his mouth, and his cock he worships me. But only enough to drive me crazy. Not enough to fall. And then, before I can scream in frustration, he enters me fast and hard. I claw his back as he thrusts, hitting me in all the right places. Making me writhe and moan all around him. I lose my breath while I try to scream as he finally tosses me among the stars again and again. Following me up into heaven until we fall back to earth together a sweaty, tangled mess. Satisfied and loved.

At the induction ceremony for our new master sergeants! Our first speaker told us to take a selfie! So here was ours :3
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dont u fucking talk shit about high school musical

I feel like my friend Mandarr would say that! @raptorsarelove

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I find you abosutely atrocious and digusting. No one wants to see your fucking sagging stomach. You aren't inspriational or motivational. Good job. You lost weight. If you werent a fat bitch in the beginning then you wouldnt even need to have done that. you're a dumb ugly cunt then and you're still one now.
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Officially my favorite thing on tumblr hahaha

Go girl!


It’s Tina the talking tummy

I love this. But this stupid anon is a fucking coward. If you have shit to say, be brave enough to actually say it. Not a crusty cunt and hide behind an anon face.

My knees are weak and my hips have had a good work out. Convinced my husband to have a quickie before bed and I rode him hard. I came 3 times before he finally lost control and followed me. But it was so good. This kid definitely has me feeling a lot more horny than usual. But damn, I’m tired and I’m gonna pass out soon. He’s already passed out of course ;) lol. I rode him good ;)




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Look how fucking cute he is! (He hates it so much when I call him cute lol.) But I couldn’t help it! I woke up snuggled in his arms. Literally the best way to wake up ever. And I watched him for a bit just sleeping. And just looking at him like this, I knew how much I loved him just watching him like this. He wasn’t doing anything, but I realized that I was so happy just laying there next to him and that this happiness isn’t something you find with just anyone. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me